An Owasso resident recently posed the following question on their Facebook page:

“Finish this question: I love Owasso because…”

The post received several responses varying from a favorite restaurant or place to shop to philosophical reasons why they “love Owasso” including these actual comments:

“Because it has a vision for growth that enhances the quality of life now and in the future, which will benefit my children. Higher Education (TTC/TCC)!!!”

“…we have the amenities of a larger city without the crime and the trash while maintaining a hometown spirit.”

“The people of this community demonstrate the highest level character and pursue excellence like no other city in our region.”

“It still has the feel of a small town but its really not anymore. Plus there is no need to go to Tulsa anymore and I love that!!”

“Because I have grandchildren that live there and also other family. I go to Owasso from Tulsa to do most of my shopping, they have all the stores I need and less traffic than Tulsa. I also go there to eat out and when I go to the theater. I love Owasso.”

To sum up the many responses, people love Owasso because it has a safe hometown atmosphere with an outstanding education system, all the retail choice and convenience of a much larger city, and a responsible municipal government committed to values necessary for a true community spirit to thrive.

How would you finish the question?  I love Owasso because…


Why Buy Owasso?  Other than the convenience of shopping at home, why is it important?
The decision to make purchases here enhances and evolves the quality of life that makes us proud to live in Owasso.

Did you know that Owasso has received national recognition for its low crime rate?  The City is able to provide adequate police officers with state of the art equipment and training to guarantee our safety because you made the decision to Buy Owasso.

Our residents deserve to live in a great city.  The next time you go shopping or dine out, think about what you are contributing to your community. Whether its potholes, firefighters, recycling service or ball fields; your sales tax dollars count.  Thank you for Buying Owasso.